Athletic Photo features the fitness photography and video production services of multimedia artist Michael A. Downs.  Over the years Michael has built his photography business into a well recognized brand worldwide and he’s had the opportunity to photograph some of the top brass in the commercial, fashion and fitness industries.   Powerhouse fitness stars such as Jeff Seid, Greg Plitt, Colin Wayne, David Morin, Thomas DeLauer and many others have graced his lenses.  He has also landed numerous magazine and book covers and has been responsible for discovering some of the top new fitness talent in the industry.  His discoveries have landed major campaigns with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney and 2xist to name a few. They’ve also graced the pages of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Details, Men’s Fitness, and other top world publications.

Tyra Banks, NBC-TV and MTV are just some media giants who have booked his model discoveries for their shows. Various fashion, lifestyle and fitness magazines seek him out for layouts and photo shoots. He and his work have been featured prominently in national newspapers, in ads for Macy’s, in magazines such as Glamour and US Weekly; and on national television and radio including iHeartRadio, E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, FOX News and numerous other TV shows.

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